New Fee Schedule from Monday 3rd August

Due to the increasing costs of consumables in providing wound care and procedures to our patients here at Carrier Street Clinic, we need to increase our dressing fees and implementing a consumables fee for all procedures, from Monday 3rd August, 2020.

For all procedures done at Carrier Street Clinic there will be a $55 consumables out-of-pocket fee, as well as the procedure fee (which is partially Medicare funded and part out-of-pocket funded).

Our new dressing fees will be as follows:

  • Simple Dressings $10
  • Complex Dressings $15

If your dressing is going to cost more that the scheduled fee, e.g. silver dressings, the nurse will inform you of this before completing your dressing.

Payments can be made via EFT, cash or cheque

If you have any concerns regarding the fee changes, please speak to your doctor or management.

Thank you for your understanding,
Carrier Street Clinic Management

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